4 Digital-advertising Trend In 2015

Hamish Russell/ August 9, 2015/ Marketing

Marketers often consider content to be digital currency. We have seen how it is rapidly changing under the influence of new media and social networks, shaped to be as useful and as fitting to the user as possible. So what are the most noteworthy trends of content marketing in 2015?

Native storytelling

BuzzFeed is the platform, which introduced the concept of Native Advertising and the revealed its full potential with the world. This type of advertising is considered as part of the review sites, takes into account the area and does not cause rejection of the audience; it is ‘woven’ into the mainstream content and matches it to the format and content. BuzzFeed itself describes its role in this process of advertising as an ‘aid to other companies in the creation of authentic history’. The method is widely used by savvy marketing businesses, such as Gravitate or HTP Digital, a prosperous UK-based b2b digital marketing company, famous for its savvy content approaches.

Smart branded content based on programmatic advertising

According to a 2015 Digital Media Predictions report, an equal to storytelling power is Programmatic Advertising, which represents a combination of content, targeting and data.

Programmatic advertising is all about processing user information such as gender, age, location, weather, time of day and generating a laser-precise advertising message. Thus, branded content becomes a chameleon that changes its appearance depending on who is looking at it. Control information such as dynamic advertising allows to tell the fascinating story of the brand and stay highly personalised. It is a strategy that sets a strong link between data and content, minimising marketing costs and increasing relevance. (more…)